As of September 28, 2022 as many of you know, there will be a ban placed sending dogs to Canada from over a hundred countries.

One of them being the Dominican Republic.

Our goal here as a Rescue was to help as many dogs as we could through rescue, spay/neuter operatives, education and outreach.

Due to the ban we have had to change our priority to spay/neuter and education.

We are hoping that rescue organizations and animal lovers around the world can help us, help them.

We have wonderful Volunteers in several North Coast Communities, that can help us by doing the ground work involved in securing location to have operatives, plus reaching out into the communities we want to help.

Our need will be:

  • Money to pay veterinarian
  • oxygen, anesthesia, suture, material, gloves, gauze, blades, disinfectants, old towels
No donation is too small, help us help them.


You can donate using PayPal:



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