Behind the scenes (1)

We would like to introduce you to our volunteers and vets.
A look behind the scenes

Meet  Vera

Now 83 years old, Vera is one of the most active and oldest volunteers with a heart of gold.

At clinics, Vera sits on the floor for hours next to the freshly operated animals.

She takes care of the wounds, plucks ticks, cleans ears, cuts claws and gives the animals additional medication. And for sure : lots of love too!

Vera lives in an outskirt of Jamao al Norte for over 20 years and helps wherever she can.
7 dogs and 6 cats live with her.

In addition, some feral cats are taken care of daily.

A puppy from her neighbors now also has decided to move in with her. (yepp, the little ball of wool on the photos). Isn’t she cute?

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