Spay & Neuter Day in Sabaneta, 11/ 20 / 2022

A great day for Moringa’s Mission Thanks to the sponsors, volunteers and Dr. Rosa, 12 animals were successfully treated. Among others, there was a female dog with a pyometra (uterine

Spay & Neuter Clinic in Sabaneta, 11 / 13 / 2022

Today was the first day of clinics in Sabaneta. We are partnering with another wonderful rescue – Cocomutt Shak – for these clinics. Because of the generosity from Cocomutt Shak

Behind the scenes (1)

We would like to introduce you to our volunteers and vets. A look behind the scenes Meet  Vera Now 83 years old, Vera is one of the most active and

Spay & Neuter Clinic, October 2nd 2022

Yesterday we had a successful third Spay & Neuter Sunday in Jamao al Norte. In total 11 animals had a consultation, of which 10 could be operated successfully. ( Dog

Operative Days Jamao Al Norte

Our first two operatives for Jamao. Total 27 surgeries done with more to go. Be a part of the solution, no donation is too small. Together we can make a