Spay & Neuter Clinic in Sabaneta, 11 / 13 / 2022

Today was the first day of clinics in Sabaneta.

We are partnering with another wonderful rescue – Cocomutt Shak – for these clinics. Because of the generosity from Cocomutt Shak and Moringa Mission’s supporters we are able to spay/neuter 50 animals in this area.

Thank you to the donators from Cocomutt Shak, and to Moringa’s donators – Maureen Reiner, Lynden Animal Clinic’s (clients who support our silent auctions), Daniel McCormick, Rhonda Mayer, Jackie Anderson, Sharon Collins ,Kristal McFarland and Taino Farm (Los Brazos).

This clinic is also possible because of a generous donation of suture material from Dr. Joe and his clinic – Belle Mead Animal Hospital. Thank you Dr. Joe. We would also like to thank the owners of Rancho Montaña. They opened up a part of their beautiful property, so we have a place to conduct these clinics.

Thank you to you all!