Spay & Neuter Clinic, October 2nd 2022

Yesterday we had a successful third Spay & Neuter Sunday in Jamao al Norte.

In total 11 animals had a consultation, of which 10 could be operated successfully.

( Dog number 11 has to go to the vet clinic for surgery, because she is a bit older and needs special treatment).

2 females had a more serious surgery, a large cyst was removed and a Pyometra.

Thanks to Dr. Rosa and Volunteers for your awesome work.


Now that so many boarders are closed to the adoption of incoming pets from the DR, It’s extra important to help the outlying areas towards spaying and neutering, especially in the small less populated barrios. Every little bit really helps in these times, Moringas will continue to do what we can, when we have the extra funds, to help keep the over-populations down. Even just one animal at a time, makes a big difference.