Spay & Neuter Day in Sabaneta, 11/ 20 / 2022

A great day for Moringa’s Mission

Thanks to the sponsors, volunteers and Dr. Rosa, 12 animals were successfully treated.
Among others, there was a female dog with a pyometra (uterine inflammation) and another with a hernia.


If the mucous membrane of the uterus of the dog becomes inflamed, it is called uterine inflammation. The result is usually an accumulation of pus in the cavity of the uterine horns. This is therefore also called pyometra in dogs, i.e. suppuration of the uterus.

Since the uterus is normally tightly closed to the outside world, the pus along with its toxins cannot drain away. It continues to fill and expand. As inflammation progresses and the cavity fills, the lining of the uterus becomes more porous and permeable. This allows toxins and infectious agents from the uterus to enter the bloodstream and cause blood poisoning, or sepsis.

In addition, if the mucosa is too porous or the accumulation of pus is too severe, the uterus may rupture. The pus enters the abdominal cavity and triggers peritonitis. Means the dog dies.